Students in this course will gain a fascinating view of the world, enlivened by a meticulous presentation that focuses on the development of geographic literacy. Every region is studied in three parts: physical geography, cultural geography, and…Read more

This course recounts the story of our nation’s history from its discovery and colonization up to the present day. Special attention is given to God’s providence and America’s…Read more

The first nine-weeks of this study will be a review of ancient history through the Age of Exploration. After the nine-week review, a comprehensive examination of world history will begin with the Age of Reason and proceed till students…Read more

This course provides students with a foundational understanding of government, supplying insight into the nature and purpose of government, a study of the U.S. Constitution, and how the government functions on a federal, state, and…Read more

This one-semester course helps students understand economic issues that have an impact on their personal finances, the United States, its citizens, and the world around them…Read more

American Literature and Composition

This course is designed to be taken by juniors or seniors who prefer to take an on-level course, rather than an Advanced Placement English course.This survey course with composition is designed to expose students to some of the more notable and important American texts written…Read more

Pre-AP English students engage in a comprehensive study of English, working in both individual and collaborative settings… Read more

This course is designed to be taken by juniors. Students in this course, approved by the College Board, analyze and discuss literary works from a variety of genres, including drama, poetry, short stories, novels, and essays, with special emphasis on American and British… Read more

This AP English Language and Composition Course approved by the College Board emphasizes the expository, analytical, and argumentative writing that forms the basis of academic and professional communication…Read more

Seniors will go through the process of selecting, applying for, and gaining acceptance into college. Students will immediately narrow the choices for college and gain awareness of important application dates… Read more

This class is a study of the language, concepts, and techniques of Algebra. Ultimately, this course will prepare students to approach and solve problems following a logical succession of steps… Read more

A comprehensive course featuring coverage of geometric terms and processes, logic and problem solving, this course includes topics such as parallel lines and planes, congruent triangles, inequalities and quadrilaterals… Read more


Math Models

This course is designed for the student who needs or wants a deeper understanding of the concepts in Algebra 1 and Geometry, and is often used as a bridge course to Algebra 2. The student will work cooperatively with other students while applying Algebra 1 and Geometry… Read more

The topics that will be covered include: relations, equations, inequalities, conic sections, polynomials, rational expressions, logarithmic and exponential functions, sequences and series, and counting principles and probability… Read more

This course is designed to be taken by seniors. This elective math course is the math class every student needs and most adults wish they had taken. The project based course teaches students about various pay structures, keeping a balanced checkbook and determining expenses for housing, transportation, utilities, and food… Read more

Course topics include college algebra, advanced trigonometry, and analytic geometry of two and three dimensions… Read more



This algebra-based statistics course is designed to give high school students a good grasp of how data is collected, organized and interpreted. The course emphasizes practical data analysis and functions as an introduction for students headed toward business or science… Read more

Students will review and extend their knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Additionally, students study differentiation, integration, and other calculus topics. They will gain proficiency using the TI-83 (or more advanced)… Read more

Students in this laboratory-based class will examine such disciplines as genetics, ecology, microbiology, biotechnology, and the theory of evolution within the framework that life is God’s most marvelous and complex creation… Read more

The purpose of this laboratory-based class is to provide the student with a foundational knowledge of chemistry, an appreciation of its many benefits to mankind, and a better understanding of the precision and design of the physical world that God created. Chemistry is a mandatory science… Read more

Covers the basics of human anatomy and physiology including anatomical terminology, basic biochemistry, cells and tissues, and the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic/immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems… Read more

Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra I. This science course offers a truly experiential approach that engages students in active learning and emphasizes the application of integrated…Read more

The purpose of this laboratory-based class is to provide the student with an introductory knowledge of physics, an understanding of the ongoing scientific conversation of mankind, and a better understanding of the fundamental forces that God designed for the universe… Read more

This course introduces students to the Spanish language and culture through the Natural Approach, which helps them understand Spanish through a variety of interactive, communicative activities. This course satisfies a mandatory foreign language credit for graduation… Read more

This course introduces students to the Latin language. Students in Latin I will gain a solid grasp of the present and perfect systems of the first two verb conjugations, the five noun declensions, first and second declension adjectives, and approximately 200 vocabulary words. This course satisfies a mandatory foreign language credit for graduation… Read more

This course examines the 39 books of the Old Testament, surveying the historical, cultural, and linguistic background and context for properly interpreting the Bible of Jesus’ day… Read more

This course examines the books of the New Testament, surveying the historical, cultural, and linguistic background and context for properly interpreting the Bible of Jesus’ day… Read more

This course takes a close look at Bible prophets, their lives, their message, and how God used men and women to speak His word to shape…Read more

This course examines foundational Christian doctrine, investigates some of the “why-we-believe-what-we-believe” questions from an apologetics perspective, and provides practical application of Bible truth to real-life issues that challenge…Read more

Choir is a vocal ensemble of mixed voices that performs choral music from a multitude of styles and periods… Read more

This course is designed for students who want to have a better understanding of the language…Read more

Art 1 is an introductory course that helps students to understand the visual world around them. It provides a broad exposure to the visual arts through a variety of experiences… Read more

Advanced Art

This advanced art class focuses on improving knowledge and skills learned in Art I. Drawing and Painting will be the media used in a variety of ways for extended projects… Read more

This one-semester course provides students with the skills and practice needed to make various kinds of speeches, including, expository, persuasive, process analysis, and introductory. Students will also learn how to perform well in interview…Read more


High School Music Ensemble

An invitation only small singing group lead by Mrs. Lietz.