What You Need to Know for 2019

ALL ENGLISH STUDENTS will need the following supplies:

1-inch or 1 1/2-inch binder (Returning students may use the previous year's notebook.)

8 dividers for the binder
$1 (total) for four Blue Books (25 cents each)(I already have these for purchase)
3 x 5 index cards(with or without lines) for 135 vocabulary words
You will need a separate binder for English because of the eight divisions of information. Please do NOT use one large binder for all subjects and attempt to include English in that very large binder.

Latin I and II Students, please purchase the following books:

Latin I and II: Henle Latin: First Year ISBN 0829410260 This book is used for 2 years of Latin. 
Latin I, II, and III: Henle Grammar (9780829401127) The same grammar book is used for all years of Henle Latin. 
You will need a 1-inch binder, paper, and 3 x 5 cards for grammar rules.

Latin III Students:

We will finish Henle Latin: First Year,and then move on to other things which I will provide.

BOOK LISTS for each ENGLISH class are located on the summer reading pages - scroll all the way through your summer reading page to see the books needed for next year. Please purchase books for class according to the ISBN or by the translator, when appropriate, rather than by the title, in order to get the correct books.

Summer Reading Assignments for each ENGLISH class are listed on the summer reading pages - scroll all the way through to see the entire assignment.