Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you accredited?

We are accredited by a national organization—National Association of Private Schools—rather than by a state organization. State organizations regulate the number of days a school must meet and how many hours of instruction per class a school must offer. We get the job done in less time than the state requires.

Q: How does Grace Preparatory Academy work?

Grace Preparatory Academy classes meet twice per week, either on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students receive all instruction in class, and are then expected to use the knowledge gained to complete assignments outside of class as homework. Parents choose the classes their children will take at Grace Prep from among the classes listed on our schedule. Many of our students take every class for graduation at Grace Prep. Other students take certain classes at home or in other settings, and take the remainder of their classes at Grace Prep.

Q: When may we apply for the next school year?

New families may apply from March 1 through August 1 for the next school year. Registration will close on August 1 in order to successfully process applications, placement testing, family interviews, summer reading assignments for English and writing classes, and the purchase of books and supplies.


Q: How do I apply for enrollment?

Please click here. If you have already received information about Grace Preparatory Academy of New Braunfels and would like to apply for enrollment, click on the button for New Student Application. Students must fill out the complete online application packet, including signatures in agreement with the Statement of Faith and the handbook guidelines.  After you have submitted your online application, please call the school at (830) 400-7021 and select Ext 1 to set up a placement test and a family interview.


Q: How does tuition work?

Classes are $75 per class per month with a cap on cost, per child, at five classes per month. If a child takes five classes, the cost is $375 per month. If the same child decides to take six, seven, or eight classes, the cost is still $375 per month. Tuition is paid online monthly over the nine-month school year, or in two equal payments per semester, or in one lump-sum payment before the school year begins.


Q: How do I contact someone at Grace Preparatory Academy to ask questions?

You may contact the school at (830) 400-7021 to ask any questions not answered here or to set up a visit, or you may contact us through the Online Application Inquiry with the following link (or copy and paste the URL into your internet browser).


Q: What kind of students will be successful at Grace Preparatory Academy?

In order to succeed at Grace Preparatory Academy, students must be able to pace themselves in their learning of the material and in their completion of homework assignments. It may be necessary in the first year or two for a parent to offer guidance in the pacing of homework completion. Students who are successful at Grace Preparatory Academy have several things in common:

They have all textbooks purchased before the first day of class.

They complete homework assignments on time.

They keep student planners and organized notebooks.

They attend and participate in class every day.

They come to class and assume a “ready” position – notebook out, pen out, textbook out.

They proactively seek help, before or when struggling, through the use of study groups, asking questions in class, and/or meeting instructors during tutorial hours.

They make use of study hall time.

They study over time, rather than cramming and acting surprised that a test or quiz must occur.

They give up personal TV/gaming/texting time to complete homework and to study first.

If your child cannot do the majority of these things, you should look elsewhere for a program that will fit the needs and personality of your child.

Q: My child struggled in classes in other schools. Will he or she be able to do well at Grace Prep?

It depends on the reason for the struggle. We are able to eliminate most classroom distractions, allowing students to work in an environment that is conducive to learning. If the struggle is because of other students acting out in class, then your child will probably benefit by being at Grace Prep. If the struggle is due to the pace of instruction, then Grace Prep is probably not the right school for your child. Our instruction is fast-paced because of our schedule and our calendar.

Q: We travel quite a bit. Will you allow my child to be gone from class on a regular basis?

We allow up to five absences per semester, but because the numbers of days of instruction is already limited, it is difficult for children to miss any more than five days and still understand and progress in the material. Therefore, our cap on absences is five days per semester.


Q: What if students need extra help in their subjects, especially in math?

Free options include assistance from teachers on campus and from websites or programs such as Khan Academy. Low cost options include online programs such as CTC Math. If these options do not offer enough help, then parents may need to consider hiring a private tutor.


Q: Does Grace Prep make accommodations for students with special learning challenges?

We are able to make some accommodations, but because of a limited budget and the pace of our instruction, we are not able to tailor our instruction to fit every need.


Q: Do you ever remove students for behavior issues?

Yes, we have removed students, and we will continue to do so whenever necessary.


Q: My child has been hanging around with the wrong crowd. Will Grace Prep be able to fix the problem?

Our experience is that children who hang around with the wrong crowd in one school, generally find the same type of children to hang around with at the next school. At some point, a child is no longer hanging around with the wrong crowd, but has become the wrong crowd.


Q: How do I know what classes my child should take each year?

We have a list of suggested classes by year for each of the years of high school, and we walk parents and students through the process of selecting classes necessary for graduation and for college admission.


Q: Do students wear uniforms?

Students do not wear uniforms, but students are required to dress according to the guidelines of the dress code. At Grace Preparatory Academy, our focus is on education from a Christian worldview. Therefore, we do not allow distractions in the form of clothing, hair, attitude, or behavior.


Q: Is Grace Preparatory Academy affiliated with any specific denomination?

No, we are not. We teach from a Christian worldview. All of our faculty members, as well as our students and parents, sign a statement of faith, but we are not supported by any denominational or non-denominational church.


Q: Will my child be able to get into college if he or she graduates from Grace Preparatory Academy?

You can see from the list of college acceptances on our website that our students have not had any difficulty being admitted to the colleges of their choice. The best way for students to position themselves for college admission, however, is to maintain a high GPA, prepare for and take the SAT or ACT multiple times, and participate in extra-curricular activities, especially those that include the opportunity to serve or compete at the state and/or national level, such as 4H or ACTION speech and debate. Not every student chooses to attend college immediately after graduation, but we feel that the door to college should be open, and students should be positioned so that college is always an option.


Q: What will my child’s homework load be like?

Homework varies from class to class, but for math, science, and social studies, the homework is fairly consistent. Students receive homework each class day to complete before the next class session. For example, a student goes to class for instruction on Monday, receives homework for Monday night and Tuesday night, returns to class on Wednesday with the homework ready to turn in, receives more instruction on Wednesday, completes homework on Wednesday night and Thursday night (or on Friday and over the weekend), and returns to class on the following Monday with the homework ready to turn in. Gather. Learn. Repeat.


Q: If I am a homeschooler, will you provide a transcript for me?

We are only able to provide a Grace Preparatory Academy transcript and diploma for students who take an average of at least four high school classes per year from Grace Prep. If your child takes fewer than four high school classes per year at Grace Prep, we will give you the transcript grades for the classes your child has completed, so that you may fill out your own homeschool transcript and issue your own homeschool diploma.


Q: Will my child receive a Grace Preparatory Academy diploma?

Your child may receive a Grace Preparatory Academy diploma if he or she has done the following things:

Taken an average of four or more high school classes per year for four years with Grace Preparatory Academy.

Completed all required courses for a Foundation High School Diploma or Distinguished Honors diploma.

(Transfer students are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on full-time or part-time status and previous courses taken.)


Q: May my senior participate in the Grace Preparatory Academy graduation ceremony?

Yes, if your child has taken any high school classes at Grace Prep, he or she is welcome to participate in our graduation ceremony. All participating seniors will order the same cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover from the same company in order to be in the ceremony. If your child  has taken fewer than an average of four or more classes per year from Grace Prep, you will need to provide your own homeschool diploma to put in the diploma cover.


Q: Do you offer tuition discounts or scholarships?

The only discount we are able to offer, which many families have used wisely, is that tuition is capped, per student, at five classes. A student who takes five full classes may add one or more classes to that course-load without adding any more tuition to the bill. We are not able to offer any other discounts or scholarships at this time.


Q: What if my child doesn't do well, and I need to pull him or her out of classes?

You should exhaust all help opportunities first, before considering the option of leaving. We are committed to helping your child be a success. If all attempts to assist your child have been unsuccessful, then please contact the front office at and Sara Carlile at to discuss the steps and the financial implications of mid-year removal. The registration forms you sign indicate that you are committing to be at Grace Preparatory Academy for the full year (or semester for a one-semester class).


Q: When should I start applying for next year?

Returning families may re-enroll (including younger siblings with a full registration packet) beginning on February 1st. New families may enroll for the next fall, beginning on March 1st of the current school year.


Q: What is your average class size?

There is no average class size. Some classes may have as few as five students, while others may have as many as 22 or 23. If we reach a number like 23, we tend to look for ways to open another section of the class. Sometimes this is not possible, and a class will close to new students.


Q: We are military. What happens if we have to PCS during the year?

We release you from your year contract, and we do everything we can to make your transition as smooth as possible.  Thank you for your service to our country.


Q: May we come for a visit/preview day?

Students and parents are always welcome to make an appointment to visit the school during the school year. Please call the school at (830) 400-7021 and select Ext 1 to schedule a tour or appointment.


Q: What should I do if my child is failing a class?

You must first approach the teacher to understand and clearly assess the situation. Work with the teacher to create an action plan for your child to follow. The action plan may include things such as, do the homework assignments in a timely manner and turn them in. The failure to do and turn in homework assignments is frequently the main cause of the problem. If this is not the problem, set up a time for your child to receive additional help from the teacher. Curb your child’s technology time. Often, students fail to realize how much time is spent texting and scrolling through social media. Provide your child with a monitored location conducive to completing homework assignments. Generally, following these steps will help a child to bring up his or her grades over time.


Q: How do I know what my child’s grades are?

We use an online record-keeping system called FACTS SIS (formerly known as RenWeb1). It is your one-stop shop for all things grade and lesson-plan related.