6th Grade Math

This course teaches students to understand basic math concepts in order to become problem solvers and to prepare for higher level math. Concepts include: place, value, basic operations, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, ratio, proportion, percentages, statistics, graphing, probability and time & money… Read more

6th Grade Science

This course explores the world God created through the study of chemistry and physics. As we investigate these topics through reading, lecture, note-taking, experiments, and lab reports, we will discover how God put our world together and made it work. This is an age appropriate foundation for higher level…Read more

6th Grade Language Arts I

Students will work on improving writing skills based on the principles in IEW (The Institute for Excellence in Writing). Emphasis in 6th grade is on enhancing grammar and vocabulary skills. Students will also learn the basic concepts of reading with... Read more


6th Grade Literature

This is a wonderful, highly-recommended companion class for 6th grade Language Arts. The syllabus will include time-tested classical literature and various enrichment activities including discussion and art projects.

6th Grade Social Studies: World Geography

Students will pursue the ultimate adventure on the seven continents… Read more

This course reviews arithmetic calculation, measurements, basic geometry, fractions, percents, and decimals. At the same time it includes pre-algebraic exercises preparing the student for upper-level math course work…Read more

7th & 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

This course is the bridge from elementary math to algebra. Algebraic concepts are applied with operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percentages and radicals… Read more

7th Grade Earth Science

This course provides students with comprehensive content that introduces them to key earth science concepts including energy, plate tectonics, weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, and ecosystems. The text also integrates important ideas in science…Read More


7th Grade Social Studies: Texas History

This course covers the exciting history of the great state of Texas. Students will examine the full scope of Texas history, including the cultures of Native Americans living in Texas prior to European exploration and the eras of mission-building, colonization, revolution, republic… Read more

7th Grade Language Arts II

Students will continue to improve their writing skills based on the principles offered through IEW. Students will learn to implement a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and… Read more

8th Grade Algebra I

This class is a study of the language, concepts, and techniques of Algebra. Ultimately, this course will prepare students to approach and solve problems following a logical succession of steps…Read more

8th Grade Earth Science

8th Grade Earth Science (with a unit on Astronomy)

This course provides comprehensive content that introduces your students to key earth science concepts including energy, plate tectonics, weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, and ecosystems. The text also…Read more

8th Grade Social Studies: U.S. History

Offering an interactive and comprehensive overview of American history, this course engages and inspires students to learn about the rich and diverse history of America’s native peoples,… Read more

8th Grade Language Arts III

Students will master many of the writing principles offered through IEW. They will incorporate stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write more complex essays and reports… Read more


8th Grade Critical Thinking

This class looks at the underlying reasons for believing claims and analyzing opposing viewpoints. Students will study the scientific method, examine sources and evidence, and will learn how to… Read more


Middle School Art 7th & 8th Grade

This is an introductory course that will allow students to become familiar with many different media used in art. This is primarily a project-based course with an introduction to watercolor and acrylic painting techniques. This course incorporates many aspects of our surroundings and… Read more


Middle School Choir*

Choir is a vocal ensemble of mixed voices that performs choral music from a multitude of styles and periods… Read more


7th & 8th Grade Conversational Spanish

This fun, interactive course for middle school students is filled with Spanish language activities. Students will practice the vocabulary of daily living, as well as explore Spanish countries and their festivals… Read more

* Open to all grades