Bible I An Old Testament Survey With Manna

This course examines the 39 books of the Old Testament, surveying the historical, cultural, and linguistic background and context for properly interpreting the Bible of Jesus’ day. We will study parts of each O.T. book, emphasizing the actual message of the Lord for us in today’s world, and applying those truths to our lives. The “manna” part of this study is this: we are given “daily bread” (manna from above) in order to consume it, not to simply admire it; God’s Word is that manna, given that it might be eaten, in order to become a living part of who we are as believers. Thus, we shall explore the Old Testament, learning what is in it, plus, more importantly, what is in it FOR US. We shall apply that Word, God’s truth, in the same way as Jesus Christ, the Son of God, applied that very same Word to every aspect of His daily life. There was no New Testament in Jesus’ day! We shall study the only Bible that Jesus had. This year-long course, offered every four years, serves as an elective.