American Literature and Composition

This course is designed to be taken by juniors or seniors who prefer to take an on-level course, rather than an Advanced Placement English course.

This survey course with composition is designed to expose students to some of the more notable and important American texts written between the earliest days of the colonists to the beginning of the 20th century. While looking at small samplings from a wide array of texts and authors spanning almost three centuries, we will consequently be exposed to the story of the beginnings of America. These narratives combine to create a succinct story of the various people, places, and events that created this place we now know as the United States of America. As we investigate the story of early America as told through these narratives, we will consider the following questions: Who is telling the story? When? To whom? What purpose does each particular narrative play in the creation of the American ideal? And finally, as 21st century readers, how do we respond to these stories verbally and in writing? Students in this course will focus on the grammar, usage, and mechanics of good writing and the literary elements authors use to create their stories. This course satisfies a mandatory English credit for graduation in place of either AP Literature and Composition or AP English Language and Composition.